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Anastasia Kandaraki - Anamma Seminars

Anastasia Kandaraki - Anamma Seminars. Photo by Federico Cavicchioli

Last year, I had the previlege of taking an intensive course at one of the best contemporary jewellery schools in the world, Alchimia, which is based in Florence, Italy. After that amazing learning experience was over (and you can be sure Alchimia will be featured in many future posts, my friend) I had to come back to the reality of Athens. Meaning that there were no contemporary jewellery schools (that I know of and please correct me if I’m wrong – no really, please try…) to continue my education at. None. Zero. Nada.

However, many others keep pointing out to me that I’ve always been a very lucky girl and soon after my return to Athens I found out that one Alchimia alumna was not only Greek but also about to start seminars in contemporary jewellery right here in Athens. What can I say? The gods must really love me.

So, I am very happy to say that Anastasia Kandaraki‘s contemporary jewellery seminars are officially on. Lucky us!


Anastasia Kandaraki - Earrings. Bone, silver. Photo by Elli Glynou


Anastasia Kandaraki - Ring. Bone, pigment, gold. Photo by Elli Glynou

anamma brooch

Anastasia Kandaraki - Brooch. Wood, paint, silver. Photo by Elli Glynou

anamma ring

Anastasia Kandaraki - Ring. Sponge, silver. Photo by Elli Glynou


Anastasia Kandaraki - Earrings. Silver, pigment. Photo by Elli Glynou