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Triennale bijou poster - Photo from http://www.wcc-bf.org/en

In the midst of such an economic turbulence in Europe (and beyond), it’s wonderful to see that some people recognize how beauty might be the only thing to save us. The European Triennial for Contemporary Jewellery is taking place this year in Belgium (29.10.2011-15.01.2012) and this time, artists from Portugal, Germany and Belgium are invited.

Not only well-known artists but also young talents will show their work in a former slaughterhouse in Mons and I would love to see how a former house of pain and death is transformed into a home for art, imagination and hope, all good things for the soul.


Nevin Arig - Life is life, necklace. Silver, agath, epoxy, hemamorfit, steel. Photo from http://nevinarig.com/site.html

svenja john

Svenja John - Bracelet. Macrofol, acrylic paint. Photo from http://www.svenja-john.de/

mirjam hiller

Mirjam Hiller - Brooch. Copper, enamel. Photo from http://www.mirjamhiller.com


Manfred Bischoff - Brooch. Photo from http://padovacultura.padovanet.it

monique voz

Monique Voz - Brooch. Boar vertebra, eyecup, landscape. Picture from http://www.artcatalyse.net


Hilde de Decker - Ring. Vegetable, metal. Photo from http://www.hildededecker.com