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Hello everybody,

I’m sorry for not writing for so long but now I’m back and there are tons of things I want to share with you (interviews with Yoko ShimizuGabi Veit, exhibition insights from Firenze etc.) but as the Greek proverb goes, “If you don’t praise your home, it’ll fall on your head” so that’s why I want to let you all know about the exhibition that my dear teacher and friend Anastasia Kandaraki is curating, right here in Athens.

Now let me be clear about something: I cannot be totally unbiased about this, firstly because I believe that Anastasia is AWESOME (real fact based on my personal scientific and totally ‘objective’ observations) and secondly because I’m one of the students that will be exhibiting, so, yes, you’ll all have the chance to have a good laugh at my creations. Ok? Good, let’s continue.

Anastasia (or Natasha as we call her) graduated from Alchimia in 2010 and – to our good luck – decided to come back to Greece and open the first contemporary jewellery school named “Anamma” in Athens. Here is a wonderful interview of her on Alchimia’s blog (thank you Lucia and Doris!! 😉 ).

The exhibition’s subject is colour. What it is, what it feels like and what emotions it creates in people. All students had to do research on a specific colour and come up with an emotion, an idea and at least 5 pieces of jewellery. It was not as easy as it sounds, let me tell you, but I think we all discovered a lot of things about creating, working with different materials and about ourselves in the process.

Dear Natasha, thank you for coming back to Greece, opening “Anamma” in Athens and allowing us to use metals, colours and almost every material imaginable to make a huge mess of our school 🙂

"Chroma" Exhibition - Graphic Design by Niki Anagnostopoulou

“Chroma” Exhibition – Graphic Design by Niki Anagnostopoulou

Exhibition of contemporary jewelry

What is color? Pulse, rhythm, tension, motion. And what else? Feelings, thoughts, memories and images. The color is light and energy, a powerful language without words. Here we are! In our first exhibition, 19 students of the workshop Anamma experimenting with forms, materials and composition, creating jewelry that reflect what the colors revealed to us.
Teaching & Curator: Anastasia Kandaraki

Evangelia Demetriou / Xara Kourtali / Xrysa Chatzikonstantinidou / Petri Kapetanopoulou / Anastasia Anglopoulou / Mirto Prokopiou / Kuriaki Mastropetrou / Anna Pervolaraki / Eleni Roumbou / Maro Vasiliadou / Daphne Dionisopoulou / Jenny Antonopoulou  / Ioanna Alexiou / Amerissa Apokremioti / Katerina Gluka / Elli Glynou / Angelos Konstantakatos / Evi Bormpantonaki / Elizabeth Kollia

Place: Vryssaki (Art Space and Action), Vrisakiou 17 Plaka, Athens
Opening: June 8, 2012, 8 PM
Duration: 8 -9 -10 June 2012
Hours :: Fri 5pm-10pm, Sat & Sun 11am – 8pm

"Chroma" Exhibition - Graphic Design by Niki Anagnostopoulou

“Chroma” Exhibition – Graphic Design by Niki Anagnostopoulou