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Ok, this is not fair.

I just popped out for a much needed 3-week vacation in the Highlands of Scotland (and boy, do I have news for you from exhibitions and galleries all around) and I’m already behind on reporting about the amazing exhibitions that are taking place right here in Athens, right now, so here goes!

“Exhibition of Contemporary Jewellery”

The “Exhibition of Contemporary Jewellery” takes place in the gallery of the Union of the Graduates of the Superior Fine Arts School of Athens at one of the most beautiful locations in Athens, near the temple of the Winds in Plaka.

The exhibiting artists are: Aliki Stroumpouli, Anastasia Kandaraki, Efi Roussou, Poly Nikolopoulou and Rallou Katsari.

E.P.A.S.K.T. Gallery
Panos 19a, Plaka
Opening times: 18.00-21.00

Aliki Stroumpouli - "Spiky" (2007). Ring. Silver.

Aliki Stroumpouli – “Spiky” (2007). Ring. Silver.

Anastasia Kandaraki – Brooch. Bone, acrylic, silver.

Poly Nikolopoulou - "Iliaxtida". Brooch.

Poly Nikolopoulou – “Iliaxtida”. Brooch.
Rallou Katsari - "Lifesaving Dance". Earrings. Silver, light bulb.

Rallou Katsari – “Lifesaving Dance”. Earrings. Silver, light bulb.

“From Darkness to Light”

Today opens the fourth part of the exhibition “From Darkness to Light” at the Marneri Gallery! This exhibition has been ongoing since 24.05.2012 and in the fourth part, the following artists will show their work: Argiris Aggelopoulos, Katerina Anastasiou, Connie Ochoa, Dimitris Dassios, Voula Karampatzaki, Constantinos Kyriacou, Antonia Lekatsa, Dimitris Nikolaidis, Stella Pissa, Eleni Pyrgioti, Yiannis Siotis, Maria Triantafullou and Vassilia.

Eleni Marneri Gallery
5-7 Lebessi & 16 Porinou Str
11742 Makriyanni, metro Akropoli

Opening: 06.09.2012 at 20:00
Gallery opening hours:
Tue. – Thurs. – Fri. : 10:00 – 20:00
Wed. – Sat. : 10:00-18:00
Sundays & Mondays closed

Connie Ochoa - Necklace.

Connie Ochoa – Necklace. Photo from http://alchimiablog.com

Constantinos Kyriacou

Constantinos Kyriacou

Stella Pissa - "Cherry Blossom Girl" Series. Necklace.

Stella Pissa – “Cherry Blossom Girl” Series. Necklace.

Voula Karampatzaki - "Amphitrite" series. Ring. Swarovski, wire, gold, silk threads. Photo by Athena Paraoulaki

Voula Karampatzaki – “Amphitrite” series. Ring. Swarovski, wire, gold, silk threads. Photo by Athena Paraoulaki

Yiannis Siotis - "Light in the Dark" (2012). Ring. Silver, tsavorites, epoxy resin.

Yiannis Siotis – “Light in the Dark” (2012). Ring. Silver, tsavorites, epoxy resin.

Ok, enough said. I’m very excited and looking forward to both exhibitions!

As for you, dear readers, visit the exhibitions and tell us what you thought of the pieces and the artists!